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„I believe there is a reason why you are here.

Because you know that silence is important, happiness is important,and by sharing this in your world, you help others.

Lets uplift your energy, bring more light and see things in a better way. Dont fight the old, start painting the new “



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5 days of wisdom

I needed 4 years of pilgrimage


“As I was planning for my annual leave and work break - I intended to do something unusual for a change, little did I know that my retreat with Romy would be a life-changing experience. 

I can’t thank Romy enough - in only a few days, she taught me things that I never in a lifetime or through any experience would have been able to learn.  I am so full of positive energy to go back home, to my country and support my loved ones and the ladies in my life, who I believe have been trapped in this negative cycle for a very long time. I am so thankful that I have been given this opportunity.

Romy is an exceptional cook and a delight to be around. I thoroughly appreciated her tasty food and nice, warm talks.

Her energy and happiness are contagious, and I felt it the moment I saw her at our pickup point; you would feel as if you had known her for years. 

She is an excellent listener, has an incredible amount of patience, and provided me with all the answers I need; spending five days with her and observing the way she handles matters is a lesson in itself. The location and neighborhood that she chose for me in Malaga were both serene and quiet, which was just what I need. After completing my meditation retreat, I went on a vacation to Marbella, which turned out to be the most memorable trip I've ever had in my whole life. 

I saw things differently, and tasted things differently. I’m in awe of everything. Romy unlocked a hidden zone that I didn’t know it ever existed. 

Cheers to many more happy, wonderful, and wild events throughout life. 

With deep gratitude and thanks. 

And always remember: Who would you be without that thought? 

Happy, simply happy 😊”  

A. from Libya

Silence is the doorway to happiness



If silence were so easy, we would be silent. Its that easy.

If you could be silent for 5 minutes at home, all you would need to do is be silent at home.

But we can't. 

Its not in our dna..

We need someone to guide us to the peaks of happiness. To understand the strategy of an inner smile. No teacher told you to be still, parents wanted you to be still, but you weren't, your partner demands full attention, no child will teach you the magic of peace, you won't find a Guru so quickly. Maybe Santa will bring it, or the next holiday. 

You take the first step I do the rest.


 strong women

Do you know 16 strong women or men? I don't,it's enough that one starts and spreads the news

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