for women who want to have more energy, transform and 

feel amazing

    The retreat experience

Stress unplugged

for women who want to

arrive in paradise, inhale inner peace and exhale suffering...

start your experience by letting the wind blow through your hair

All is organized, you get picked up at the aiport

you go for lunch

 have your hair done

buy maybe a nice dress and bathe in breathtaking beaches

We drive to the private villa or bungalow which awaits you like a cocoon of inspiration

to take you on a journey that will maybe be the most important journey of your life, to yourself

the journey within

 Any stress you have ever had gets taken care of in transforming workshops and meditations

while you still have time to experience every region in a special way

The trick to transform any stress into joy will astound you

No boring monologues

Every question on your mind about inner peace gets answered.


The chances are you’ll fall in love

with Portugal’s Algarve region, or Bali, the Azores, or Marrakech

While embarking on this beautiful 5 day sarcred devine journey or the weekend to find happiness,

you will fall in love with life, because you will then know how to live a stressfree lifestyle

Your body will have radiant energy and feel more alive

 finally taking care of your stress and blossoming into the best version of yourself.


Being guided back to a long forgotten freedom of life, just then, a rainbow will show up overhead or a shooting star, a singing dove, a magical sign that gives you the sign that you have arrived



one on one

For women who prefer to transform from home. 

All you need is a few hours of honest and freeing conversation. 

No questions will remain in this personal setting.

Learn that you always have everything you need in any given moment.


Join me 5 days on your own pilgirimage with me guiding you to a stressfree lifestyle in amazing places, inside and out.

 Stress turns into laughter, tears of joy and having the feeling to arrive more grounded on Earth, live your own life more freely, with new insights

happy course

In your own pace you can learn day by day new insights to live a stressfree lifestyle.

There is an alchemy in turning any stress into joy.

The most important decision is when you decide to not want to suffer anymore and follow the happy steps

The happiness course

ready to have no problems?

Join and embark on your inner journey to transform any stress into joy


  • create your own paradise

  • stop suffering

  • solve problems from within

  • an open heart heals everything

  • feel connected, clear and self-confident



the purpose of life is to be happy- Buddha


special :

-instantly stress free

-no boring monologue 

-3 ways to destress, at home, on a journey or in a course

-destress tools for daily life

-filling a gap between the hurt of the past and a future full of miracles


for whom:


promise :

is to see your problems disappearing and seeing your stress in life burst like bubbles...

You stop any hurt of the past and create a furture of miracles and blessings.

No boring monologues, but real girl camp atmosphere, where we jump out of our pyjamas to the workshop, live in luxury villas, have lunch, dance and meditate to meet your own inner giant

for whom:

-women who don't just want to have a normal holiday

-women who love to  tranform

-women who don't want a regular holiday

-women who want to become fearless

-women who want to learn new tools to have inner peace in daily life

Ocean Dress

How it works?

                                Retreats start every Monday and Friday

-you book the preferred time slot of 5 days

-we agree on the location, preferably first class villas

-the flight is the on;y thing not included, I can help with the organising

-you will be picked up at the airport

-all transports included

-all meals and drinks inclusive

-dance events

-mediation where you connect to Mother Earth

-in 5 days you loose all the stress of dialy life


2020 love from Portugal