Once upon a time....there was a time I never thought I would be combining well-being with well-travelling. Everything in life is DESTINY...Everyone has soulplan, a destiny that shows itself if you listen 

"It's your road and yours alone.

Others may walk it with you but no one can walk it for you." RUMI





My biggest challenge was to break free from narcissitic family members and my later formed relationship to one man. Being verbally, emotionally and physically abused made me find my voice to help others.

I let go of places called home, houses, people and jobs, because I always prioritized my search for inner peace. Everyone wanted to convince me that it doesn't exist. Even up to this day people get offended, if you tell them that you have found it. 

At one point my parents unauthentically didn't open up about the fact that they were not paying their depths anymore for months and we were on the verge of loosing the roof over our heads. I had my own company on the property of this house and in one year I lost my family, quit my own shop and moved the country. The braveness of my dad continued with me.

Like Sherlock Holmes I cut through the surface and dove right to the core problem of it all and with all my might either to find a solution or leave negative situations.

I am still learning about life and finding every day new ways to dive deeper to be more happy than the day before. 


Your career is a reflection of what you stand for in life. I was allowed to work for the best Spas of Austria, Switzerland and Germany. 

As I started working in this sector I had no idea that being so close to people and their stories and emotions would also transform my life path.

I became a watsu therapist, a certified life coach, a trained and passionate lomi lomi therapist. All with the aim of helping others to stop their suffering. And of course my own as a bonus with it.

So just performing a massage or facial was not deep enough for me to see real emotional transformation.

My clients had so many questions unanswered, because of the lack of time we always had in our appointments.

Diving deep into the wellness industry made me want an easy system for me and my clients to feel wellness on a whole new level. Not just for an hour and not by being passive. 

So I thought to myself my purpose in life is to empower women to live better, and feel better.

I am the first woman in all the generations before me finding to her own inner power. So now I am offering the same journey I went on to spiritual places, combined with an exit to stress coaching, combined with fun being together in a circle of women and having my favourite wellness therapy, water massage=WATSU all in one spot. 






























What is for you a succesful life?

Everyone has one goal, they want to have achieved, to not feel regret when they leave this planet. 


I wanted a peaceful lifestyle, so I had to start solving one problem after the other. Otherwise I would have carried them to my grave. I had to decide to want it, to also know why I wanted it. Out of my experience, your own life quality is upgraded. You contact your own truth of life.Being happy without reason doesn't come naturally unfortunately. standing on the top of Everest doesn't come by accident either. By taking a guide we take responsibility over our lives that we can not make it on our own. 

I have been tested in life in all sectors. Stress was literally my second me, but the trust in my inner peace was bigger. I have survived narcissistic behaviour of parents and a relationship, loss of family, loss of money, loss of a feeling of home, loss of partners, loss of trust, moving countries like others wear clothes, having to learn a language quickly to communicate and still every challenge was an opportunity to an express enlightenment. Nothing in the outer world can touch one place special inside of you and it is your responsibility to find that place where joy will not leave you.

​Now it is time to spread the information and calm down as many motivated people, that trust in a simple process to feel better instantly and then make adjustments in whatever your open heart tells you to do. I don't have the answer, you're answer lays in you.

I can guide you through your personal process through Skype or Email.




I've always been travelling, without roots but wings.

I was born in Germany, and grew up in Australia. And lived back and forth.

I had parents who couldn't decide where it is more worthwhile to live, so I have been as a child on more flights than amusement parks.


As a kid your horizon opens up more through these language challenges and getting to know a lot of places. Which up until now has never stopped. I have visited over 50 countries, and half of them totally on my own.

As a child I was forced to travel and integrate myself, and now in my solotravelling I do it on free will and with it , it has openned up my freedom of being totally present while travelling and being able to be anywhere and feeling alright.

My parents were revolutionaries. My dad who was from Western Germany fell in love with my mum from East Germany. He came up with a brave plan and helped her escape the Communism Regime, which was under life threatening circumstances. So I was born under a revolutionary star and up until this day, I only believe something until I have gone through all ways possible. Everyone told my dad it would not be possible what he wanted to do and things are possible, if you want them bad enough.