Painting is like living life. you start off with a blank canvas. all opportunites are given, you can paint anything, limitless possibilities. and suddenly your heart tells you to go one way with an idea. What is painted doesn't matter, the intention is important.

you paint without knowing most of the time who will ever fall in love with the painting and will not want to live without it. The most important is before you start a painting and walk in life is to fall in love with the way of creating an atmosphere of matter the topic or colour. While you are in the process of preparing, processing art you are totally connected to the universe. 


Why the color blue? because of the magical energy of Sardinia. you can read here about the lifestyle here : the magical blue zone 

Blue was never a color that interested me for a full painting, but since studying Chagall and being in Sardinia it is all i see.

2020 love from Portugal