Coconut oil is an allrounder and healthy

It is good for an everyday body cream. Once a week hair package​, swallowing every once a while a teaspoon. In India it is even the best tooth and mouth wash.

Hair Serum  from www.bluebeautifly.com

They are a Canadian company, only shipping from there. No retailer

From Kiehls is also a very good hair serum www.kiehls.com

Hair brush


This is a long life brush, very hygienic, and it is wooden.

Body Peeling  

once a week from the amazing  product line of rituals.(www.rituals.com)


Face Beauty ​is also easy for mixed skin. I'm in love with kiehls (www.kiehls.com)

​Very efficient is the amazon healing earth cleanser with the tonic with the ultra facial cream which is the best moisturiser around. Where I never save is on ampules instead of creams either from Maria Galland (www.mariagalland.com) or (www.jda.de). 

​There are ampulles even in drug stores.

Body Cleansing

​Just vegetarian soaps. No body wash gels, they just leave a film on the skin.

So not so complicated....