Let go and all will come to you....

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Life is about balance

June 18, 2018

Dont young babies look so relaxed when they have been fed, as if nothing could bother them. We all enter life with wanting our needs met. As soon as they are met we are satisfied until the next need pops up and the cycle starts all over again.

As an adult we do not just want our needs met, we have a war going on with our own inside talk. With a never ending story of how things should be and never how they truly are. We do not recognize that reality is much nicer and friendlier as we always interpret it.

Imagine having to cross a gorge on a rope with no help or security. But on the other side lays a treasure that will secure your whole life. Now imagine this thought process inside of you. Your mind will go through one million options on how to cross, how your chances are reaching that other side safely and carrying back your treasure. Is it even worth it. Because your day job secures your life very comfortably on this side. Imagine having overcoming your fear of falling and practicing walking a rope with no security.

For me searching for inner peace was the same. To get to the treasure of feeling balanced I had to practice all the struggles that were layed out for me, my karma, to juggle with myself the feeling of can I see this situation differently so it uplifts me to one day be in any situation and be empowering to myself?

Do I really have to torture myself in such a way that all life becomes a headache, a struggle, frustrating. My mind was fighting with my heart and my heart won the case. It said practice in any situation given, if you can laugh, if find joy and if you can let go being frightened. Painting a monster and looking at it every evening will not get you on that rope. Practice, courage and humbleness are your friends while walking without so called security on that rope. The faith that your strength in yourself and feet and balance will get you to that treasure.

Life is like an alarm clock

May 29, 2018

Everyone is talking about awakening. But to what? We think we are awake.


If we were in the middle of our sleep dreaming,  who would tell us that we were still dreaming.

The same is with life. Just because we are awake doesn't mean we are fully awake to the fact of being ourselves. We often need alarming circumstances to wake us up, because neither our parents or school systems prepare us for the worst that can happen in life.

We are the ones who set their alarm clocks. The alarm clock doesn't tell us when it should wake us up. So just like an alarm clock we have to be the ones setting in the direction of being willing to be woken up. If everything runs smoothly in our lives we will stay in.the comfort zone and doze until we die. 

Happiness and destress will both enter our lives without asking for permission. It will both appear and disappear. And unfortunately only the biggest destress will take you to the depth of your heart like an alarm clock that wakes up your body, the destress wakes up the heart from the slumber of just being ok with life and remembering that if we really want it, we can feel better than better. We can connect with the now and feel free uninterrupted. 

As my alarm clock went on I began awakenning to myself. Suddenly noticing that I wasn't connected to the now. I just lived to fullfill a next day purpose or exam. I was running in a comfort zone feeling, of a fake security with always having to fullfill the next chore. The destress of my life, the so called alarm clock,  showed me how I could take control of what was presented infront of me, without believing my negative thoughts about it. In every situation lays a gift.  So I concentrated on the gift of every situation and the outer wolrd changed  It was like things had to be taken away from me so that I could free up that energy to swing to higher frequencies. So make the alarm clocks in your life count. In fact we are the ones who set them, because deep down in our heart we know when we have taken a path of a wrong decision and the outcome is then there to wake you up.

Any time you are not listening to your hearts path and dream, you will take a wrong turn to then be woken up by an alarming situation, to do a detour and arrive where you were meant to be all along.


Life is like an uninterrupted new experience

May 30, 2018

Any new experience you encounter on, will make you never come back as the same person. That is why we are so afraid of looking our biggest fears straight in the eye, because we know something will change right after that.

We will not sit on our coach as the same person. Some new experiences are forced on you and some experiences you will initiate without knowing why. 

No matter how, every experience will force your horizon to become limitless if you let it. 

Sitting in the Sahara made me realize all the things I had to let go of to sit in its magical dunes, with magical people, that destiny lead my way just on the right time. How I had to listen to my own heart song. Go against all materialistic logic and detour and trust that these moments will arise in countless ways. 

Experiences have to be consciously acknowledged. It is not enough to win a million dollars. It is more important who you have become up until the point of a new experience or a sudden change that will let you go deeper into these moments. 

Nothing can hold you back but yourself and the fear of becoming different.

But believe me the person you become by setting out on your inner adventure is the most inspiring thing you can do to yourself.


Life is like air

May 31, 2018

If air could talk to you it would ask you, when was the last time you really acknowledged that it is there.

Something that keeps you alive all those years. That if we wouldn`t be polluting it would be the purest thing on earth. Designed to just be there to keep all your cells functioning. 

I think it would have a lot of questions towards you. Why for instance you never take the time to acknowledge. But maybe not only air but also love in general. Or the sky or a flower.

We run like on autopilot and want the feeling of acknowledgement at the same time and wonder ourselves just like little kindergarden kids why this equation doesn`t add up.

Everything that is acknowledged is automatically loved.


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