Book in the making: How to be happy and fly free

A caged bird will teach you the joy of living, giving up the caged bars  you hide behind. 

                                  Why is something so easy, so difficult for us?

                                  Comparing the journey of inner peace with climbing

                                  the Everest to make the approach more direct.

Happiness is something accidental in our culture, like a hick-up. We treat sadness and happiness the same way, we wait around for it, instead of creating it.

Feeling good, feels amazing..doesn’t it. 

So I have a question, what makes us stop thinking pleasant thoughts all the time? If we are the most intelligent species on Earth, then how do I throw myself out of Paradise every single day by free will.

Everyone told me being happy 24/7 isn’t possible. Thank God one day I didn’t believe them anymore. Just because your own mother didn’t explore this unusual freedom you can feel, doesn’t mean you can’t. 

I am here to tell you it is possible. Aren’t we lucky. We can replace the old program of life with  any kind of images with beautiful memories. Most thoughts circle only around the past anyhow. Being happy doesn’t mean you will never have challenges, it means you become your own creator of one thousand possiblities to solve problems, in a way that you do not carry all your stress all your life. Stress appears, you solve it and walk on in a light way. You don’t carry it to the end of life. You let go and carry on. You also get more serious to know yourself better, because no one on Earth will knock on your door and save you. It’s your job.

All you have to do is not to believe what everyone around you believes.  You and I have made up our minds about life and happiness in our childhood.Then something strange happens,  we put all our beliefs in a black box and save them in our minds This box will normally never be questioned again. So for me the story of Paradise is a very special one. No one greater than God threw us out of Paradise. Of course, everyone knows. But somehow he left a loophole to reenter Paradise. There are no locks on this Earth without a solution, there is a key to happiness. God left you here in this mystery with one trick. You have to stop waiting around for being happy one day. I am not talking about your amusement parks, cars, day trips and holidays or partners. It has nothing to do with them. It only has to do with on how you can focus on the highest thought possible, with open or closed eyes. 

I am talking about a happiness which you can create no matter where you are, even if you are caged, never leave your city, or alone. A place in your heart that can be aroused, energized, overflowing with energy.  You go beyond yourself, you reach a happiness that is not anymore dependant on a lot of factors. 

We optimize our cars, houses, meals, and forget to let our brain bring us better thoughts when we need them. Only if our brain learns to take instructions from ourselves, the world changes. Nothing feels better than letting life unfold anyway it wants to, the good and the bad, and you know you have your own back, and you can stop your own suffering in a world that can either be Paradise for you or hell. This created background program is an amazing bubbly feeling of magic, its taking happiness seriously, not accidently, you will fell an exploding heart that arrouses all other energy centers. 

It’s living life as a spiritual experience, of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude. And having happiness as the utmost priority.


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