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 who doesn't want to speak English like a local?

      one on one teachings with fun

I know how it is to learn a language from the peak. To become confident and fluent in a language you have to hear it, and write it. I had to learn German as a kid.

And the day the language is not translated anymore in your head is the biggest reward ever.

Being a traveller myself, english is the most important language to communicate world wide.

I am sometimes surprised to meet people without english knowledge or a few who could fine tune the pronunciation, once they have learned it.  All this doesn't come over night, I know. It's discipline, hard earned discipline.

But there is nothing better as to exchange thoughts and feelings in one common language, and this being english,  so that you can dive deep into an idea exchange as sharing the same language.

And thank God english is this language of bridging us together after the tower fo Babylon fell and we were all cursed to speak different languages, where we wouldn't understand each other.


money back guarantee


              I will show you how to speak and write English

Over these live sessions you will learn from songs and written texts to understand the English language. Every language has its own menatlity and history. I grew up in Australia.

So mee myself I had to learn German from scratch, eventhough I could already understand it. I had to make the link between written and spoken language. The only thing that helped me the most was someone reading something to me, if it made sense to me or not and me writing down what I had heard. Probably for a few months and one day every sentence made sense.

Now knowing a language is one thing, but once you know it, it is all about how you concentrate on pronouncing it. I relearned the pronounciation, because I didn't want to show up in first class hotels with an Australian slang. So in a few weeks time in German and in English I slowed down the tempo of speaking to make every word more clearer for myself and others.

Now the biggest compliment I can get is that no one knows where I come from just by my accent.

Nothing against accents, it's just easier to communicate with others.

Euro 20,-per hour

start any time

✓start thinking in English

✓ easy learning

✓ no slideshows, or boring exercises

✓ connect writing with speaking

✓ understand your favourite songs

✓ get unstuck

✓learn with enthusiasm

✓you won't want the class to end


bring your ears and something to write

The Course:

This recorded course is built up like a happiness manual.

It guides you step by step through the strength of being you. I do not attend live in this course.

It contains the same content as my live retreats, only that I can not answer your personal problems one on one, the way I could in person.

My recommendation would be to purchase this course and then a 2 hour personal session with me.


Do you feel your own heart rate?

Do you know what happiness is about?

Do you know why you want to be happy?

Do you know the advantage of a happy life?

Do have enough energy to be focused on happiness?

Who am I?

Happiness feels like your heart wanting to explode because there isn't enough room for it to exist.

It feels like you want to offer slices of it everyday to someone out there, n o matter if it is a stanger or a plant, or the bare Earth you are standing on. There is no preference in receiving love or spreading it. Your blood vessels bubble like a jacuzzi, your mouth wants to smile, your eyes have a little tear of joy in them, which the wind will blow dry.

Your aura widens with the courage of your happiness, it widens into the surroundings of this magic, we call home.

Christmas becomes every day. You will breathe deeper and slower while having the energy to run a marathon if you wanted to. You love people that are in your vision, or the ones you don't see in this moment.

You don't fear life, it's more like a dance. A dance on a pond, with all the possiblities at hand. Feeling like Peter Pan, spreading the magic dust of magic.

It's crashing every problem, that wants to appear as a problem in its core.

Taking away the illusion of unnecessary stress.

Your brain can only focus on one thing at a time.

So find out what is right in the picture of life and be happy...

sounds amazing

Her English is neutral,maybe even posh:-)but certainly not with  an Australian accent

L. from England