No one builds a lock without a key.

Wellness per definition is not a passive treatment 

Working in the spa world for a long time and becoming a watsu therapist showed me that just a passive massage will not change peoples stress. Wellness per definition is a complete physical, mental and social well-being. It is an active process of becoming aware of yourself and making choices toward a healthy and fullfilling life.

All nicely said, but where can one find it? So I set out to create stress freedom in a compact, practical and easy to understand way, combined with watsu. 

So does that mean you never feel depressed?

I have found out after all my challenges in life, that challenges will always occure , even rich people have problems, but that suffering is an option. A choice. You can feel whatever you want as long as you do not dwell in unhealthy states. forever, or even worse never solve them and drag them even to your grave, without relief. Nothing was more interesting to me in life, as finding inner peace. But it doesnt mean you can't cry, or be angry. You have all the emotions but at the end of the day you're grateful and happy to experience everything in its wonder.

What makes you so confident about showing me peace?

 First of all because I showed it to myself. If I wasn't able to feel how I feel, I would be an employee somewhere having given up that this emotion is even possible. But it is real. You're priority was up until now something else. To find inner peace, you can either wait until it happens accidently or you can take the fast track. And some probably do not even believe in that. 
Peace is a consequence of thinking. Because everything starts as a thought. So all we have to do is go to the place where you create your stories and see what we find there. And at the same time you can go to the place where I create my stories, to see the difference.
Confidence always arises from a place of peace. If your relationship is peaceful you feel confident, if you are healthy you feel confident, if you had a nice holiday you feel confident to recommend it. If you find peace, you feel confident to show others the recipe to their own path. Which is different for everyone.
I remember the awe of not suffering anymore through Katie Byron, the awe of arriving in the now with Eckhart Tolle, the awe of being carried in water professionally, the awe of travelling to breathtaking places, the awe of keeping myself in this state 95 percent of the day. Why not share it?

How does peace feel like?

Peace is having the calmest heart rate possible, but being full of energy at the same time. It' s being true to your own truth, with evaluation situations differently. Even the smallest of decisions. 
It's becoming brave enough to be happy wherever, no matter the situation and having a feeling of fullfillement. You notice that the universe rearranges things, people and situations always in your favour.
Believe it or not, it feels like your heart wants to burst being so full of love. I know it sounds like a clishee but it isn't. You stop loving just certain things, situations and people, you start to expand into loving even the tiles you walk on. It's a constant grace and gratitude of being here. 

Your past feels like it gave you wings, the present moment is full of energy, and the future looks bright, even though we have no clue about it. 

Why are the retreats luxurious?

Would you go on a cheap honeymoon? Transforming into a permanent couragious happiness shouldn't be less worth than your own honeymoon. First I told everyone around me out of a joke I have been on my own honeymoon. This idea started in Venice, when the receptionist gave me a view that was indescribable. So from then the idea was born to do retreats to also have a visual wenness experience. 
The places I pick are very special and in themselves not cheap, so the package will always indlude breathtaking experiences. 
This retreat is one you do once in a lifetime, so it is something special. So we have to treat it tat way. I will now and again do workshops and probably even free evening sessions, but it will never be this kind of experience. 

On all of my retreat travels I organized everything by myself which took up a lot of time to find, test and experience. I went through trial and error and you will get everything in a well presented package. Quick, thought through, and optimized.

Normally seminars are expensive. You go to a city, attend, accomodate yourself, and wind up alone in the evening, with a lot of questions unanswered. Seminars are normally monologues held, with a little question round at the end. 
This experience, is different, you will profit from a group dynamic of woman coming together to solve their urgent questions about stress, relationships, family, ideas. 

Where do us women come together in such an atmosphere of transformation?


Why be stress free?

In our world of challenges, being the first ones maybe of even generations of women before us to be able to express our suffering and change it. I always ask, why not? That everything is figureoutable. A successful life quality for me is not carrying any problems from the past into my own future, or my precious present moment of living. 
It is healthy, frees up more energy than you thought possible, and makes you feel lighter.

Why the name 16 strong women?

Do you know 16strongwomen? If four woman retreat for a week and we do this for a month, we have 16 strong women going back to their families and they then again pass on the message of inner balance and fun. If I look back into my family, I wish one of the women would have such an experience to inherit to me. Like a domino stone falling, the more women know about stopping to suffer silently, we could all have a better realtionship to our own happiness. 16 is also my birth date, so its a special number for me.

Why just women or men retreats?

Arriving in buddhist or hinduistic cultures, women and men are always split. The women dance with women, pray in different rooms, and eating is is also split. At first I was irritated by it, not knowing why this had to be and my western approach was even being offended if you have to leave the room, because you as  a woman are distracting the monks of a temple prayer. In our known world, we don't give too much thought into these things at all. For them our behaviour is ignorant. As soon as men and women mingle in activities, normally  one sex wants to impress the other sex and a different dynamic starts. Plus just being us women, we can have a luxiourious camp feeling.
I thought about theses instances for a long time in India and then I got the chance to sleep in an only women ashram in the Tuscany. At first I had my prejudices too, and it turned out to be fun. I had given up all my privileges of privacy sleeping in a bed dorm and it made me learn to concentrate just on myself, while being around so many people. While I was so enjoying my retreat experience with women monks, it made me think about, that not a lot of women in general have this kind of experience out of the blue. Normally this would not be something someone wants to experience on holiday.  We pay an extra dime as to have enough privacy as possible. And I got taught a different lesson, while experiencing it. Nothing bonds more than being in a real women camp.
My retreats are designed to still have enough privacy for yourself but not be without the group experience. I wanted to create a safe haven, where we c talk at dayan  and not everyone runs off to their own booked accomodations, but stays in the same energy, without stress.
And while sitting in north cyprus in a turkish hairdresser, purely for men (my ex boyfriend needed a haircut and they allowed me to be there)I also had an apifiny of where do us women go to , to have a safe circle to open up in.......

Why do you want to be happy?

Normally a why question will never lead into anything, only if it comes to yourself, you will find good answers hidden deep in your heart. Everyone wants to be happy, or at least die happy.
1.Why would I want to be happy? Good question. To have a higher life quality. 2.Why would I want a higher life quality? To have enough energy to dance if I am already here in this game of life. 3.Why would I want more energy? To have the best functioning immune system and self healing tools. 4. Why would I want the best immune system? To fall in love with the universe. 5. Why would I want to fall in love with everything? To feel the utmost feeling possible. 6. Why feel the best I can feel?
To feel this feeling before any situation in the outside happens. 7. Why feel amazing all the time?

             Why retreat?

Because most haven't yet. It's a spiritual thing to go off on a journey just by yourself. . nOt just a  normal holiday time. It's being by yourself and getting to know yourself. But also joining like minded people and finding role models outside of your comfort zone between your kitchen and sofa. Lying around on a beach has never transformed someone, or just visiting a country to sightsee.

            NEW: Men Retreats, why?

Well, it started with women, but more men reacted to my advertisement. They will be men inclusive retreats, with me being the only women in the group. Guiding them to there own inner peace.
To think of it in all my spa appointments, men were the ones who asked a million questions about  finding happiness and were serious about achieving it. I want to achieve the same retreats atmosphere as the women retreats and create the secure environment to open up in a mens group and transform. Your not normal holiday


 strong women


Do you know 16 strong women or men? I don't,it's enough that one starts and spreads the news

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