I had to experiment 2 weeks with stopping to eat meat to see what it does with me...a 2 week challenge....

​8 years ago... and I have more energy, despite me thinking I would starve.


​1. They have the same right to live as I do. (Plants also do, but the level of harm is different and there are rituals to make it karma free = prasad, but this is a whole new spiritual level. Think about it, even monkeys are vegetarians, so nothing special)

​By now everyone knows the process of any meat being displayed. Our society is founded on slaughtering. A machinery that has no hard feelings for the death of animals. Before I stopped eating meat, I foolishly even thought that they were made by God for us to eat. Until I understood that eating plants is fully enough for my purpose. Every time I ate a meat piece I felt guilt. Harming or killing other animals for my satisfaction isn't a foundation of peace, even if others are doing the needy greedy of killing.

By the way animal eaters , like lions, are not so prefered by us, we only eat big animals that eat a vegetarian diet, because only they taste good for us. The animal eaters flesh doesn't taste good because of their diet. 

Another fact is, why do we not wait till that animal dies and then eat it, because the hectic of killing also gives their flesh their taste. No one cuts up a cow after it drops dead.

2.I have much more energy over the day as a vegetarian. 

I experimented with this diet and said to myself that if I have any form of craving, I will switch back to what I was doing. But as a matter of fact, I felt more free, energetic, because my body didn't have to deal with so much unhealthy things anymore. 

​3.I always had the belief that without meat, I will be always hungry.

In my whole childhood I do not know if there was a day without animal food on the plate. So I could not believe that I wouldn't get really fed just by plants. Apart from the amazing taste that every plant has, they all have a function for our body. Which a steak or hip of a cow does not have. Carrots help your eyes( have you ever noticed that when cut open a carrot it looks like an eye) or citrus fruits that are good for the breast ( and if you cut open a lemon and lay it down it look like one breast). So to make it short the selection of veggies and fruits will  always not only satisfy the tongue but has a function for your body. What a sausages purpose is, I will never understand!

4.To create your own paradise you have to live peacefully. 

"Thou shall not kill"

​Just to satisfy a lust for meat and not caring for the killing process shows me that all my life I was careless and cold hearted to the fact that  a whole industry was doing the demonic work for me. I for myself or in a family would never say, you know what today I am hungry for a rabbit get me one. Then please get the guts out and the blood and I will cook it for you. I think there are plenty of seeds on this earth to make the most peaceful, pleasant meals you can think of. So to live peacefully you have to respect other livings beings peace too, because an LKW picking up all your relatives in one day to make money on them being killed wouldn't bring peace to your life.

And yes by killing vegetables you do the least harm to surviving, for they do not have a central nervous system. But they still feel too. A lot of meat eaters tell me that no matter what, we have to kill to survive. But I still prefer to have the information of a peach in body, than the suffering of a cow. 

​5. Any spiritual place forbids meat eating.

​Why is this, just for fun. Wouldn't it be funny if every meditation would end with a barbecue. But why is a barbecue so normal in our daily lives, as in a meditation camp it is so off track. Would you trust a meditation camp that asks you how many sausages you have brought from overseas? I bet not, because to be spiritual you do not ignore the fact of blood.

6. Me and the animal have a soul or not?

​If you believe that we all do not have a soul, then it is easy, then do what ever you want, it doesn't matter anyhow. Then killing in the name of taste, without a doubt, becomes normal,  because we are the highest in the food chain. But if you believe in a soul in you and the animals, you know that your actions will be judged, because of your choices.

Peace can never settle if one of the family members is always hands deep in the blood of an animal with the attitude of being superior to them. 

"Do onto others as you would have others do onto you" and what I have seen is that there is no killing animals without  a huge amount of  suffering.

​We have been raised with the attitude that killing is normal, it is for maintaining the family to survive. The oldest wisest societies in India had a different more friendly approach. There are God given grain, milk and fruits with vegetables. This adds up to the most healthiest diet possible.


Breakfast at home: Muesli with a scoop of berries and milk protein (Skytec)

If I can a honey bread in the morning.


Fruit meal at work: either a Mango or Orange 

1. Dinner around 5pm can still be bread with cheese and raw vegetables like tomatoes and carrots

​2. serving is always warm green vegetables, like spinach, kale, peas, or courgettes (or if there is no time or appetite just a soja protein drink)

​Nuts are always in the mix. Almonds are the most healthiest.

So in one day, no matter travelling or not, I try to eat raw vegetables, drink one glas of milk, honey, and nuts. It's so easy.


​My daily meals


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