you have to know that you have all you need at all times

choose where to become happy

If you have more than 3 people already together, I can do the retreats anywhere.

The main retreats are right now in Portugal, Algarve, 

but we can expand to Bali, Marrakech, Azores, Germany, Switzerland, 

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learn tools  that last for a lifetime

As a the work coach, I guide you

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ANYTIME IN THE YEAR, totally flexible

You can decide on when your retreat starts over the year.

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together 24/7

No questions stay unclear. No boring monologues, seminars, all to the point personal. I am an expert in finding the treasures of being happy with oneself to be healthy, and independent of your life circumstances


 strong women


Do you know 16 strong women or men? I don't,it's enough that one starts and spreads the news

2021 - - Made with love from Portugal