you find out that you have all you need at all times

 strong women


1.choose where to become happy, online or in person

If you want to retreat in amazing places, come to me, or just call for one on one sessions. 

I am flexible with time and location.

2. ANYTIME IN THE YEAR, totally flexible

You can decide on when your retreat starts over the year. We decide together on the location. Once agreed, we meet at the airpor

3.together 24/7

I pick you up on arrival and we stay together until all questions have been asked. No questions stay unclear. No boring monologues, seminars, all to the point personal. I am an expert in finding the treasures of being happy with oneself to be healthy, and independent of your life circumstances

4. daily life

No fixed schedules so  can really relax

follow the flow of my lifestyle

trust that you will have your ahah moment

happiness will become a habit, not an occasional accident

5. the coaching

As a the work coach, I guide you to find your own answers to your unique journey.

These insights guide you long after you arrive home and back from the retreat.

6 .meals are included

Try my vegetarian lifestyle for a week, try it even further for 2 weeks, if you hate it , go back to your lifestyle

7. little adventures

Also by intuition, we will experience little adventures that fit in, depending on location

8. post contact

Even when the retreat ends,  I will still be available


 strong women

Do you know 16 strong women or men? I don't,it's enough that one starts and spreads the news

2022 - - Made with love from Portugal