with Romy

Painting is like living life. You start off with a blank canvas. all opportunites are given, you can paint anything, limitless possibilities. and suddenly one inspiration follows the next one .

You paint to express an inner state, a picture you have that wants to be born into the world The most important is before you start a painting and walk in life is to fall in love with the way of creating an atmosphere of matter the topic or colour. While you are in the process of preparing, processing art you are totally connected to the universe. 


    painting with no horizon

What art offers is space - a certain breathing room for the eye

Want to paint with me?!

Monets Haystacks Art Course


colours: any shades of pink, orange, green, blue, violette, a bit of red

canvas: 80x30cm

Paint with Romy-Online Course

Price  25.00

Monets Waterlilies Art Course

16 strong women is pleased to introduce the Series "Monet Waterlilies"- paint your own water lily series. A peaceful meditation for our walls.

It's like having  a peaceful aquarium, instead of looking on a painting with a horizon, you get immersed in the painting.

Everyone should afford to have a 47 Million Dollar worth Monet at home

"a monument of peace"


Paint with Romy-Online Course

Price  25.00

Alpine Art Course


Paint with Romy-Online Course

Price  25.00

The moment
Spring is in the air
Blossom into pink
Monets Haystacks
The mystic woods
flying free
Her majesty
Natures play
Elephant power
Capricorn patience
The most romantic place on Earth
Paradise blue

Freedom, wellbeing, and unlimited possibilities were and are my life topics. Entering a room I want to be flashed by vibrant energy. Just like I nuture my body with food, I want my eyes to rest on something vibrant, but soothing.

Unlimited horizons, unlimited possibilities in sujets.

Water, dance, meditation, paradise all intertwined into one.

A room without a painting of vibrant, meditative, eye catching formats are naked for me.

We can heal through words, thoughts, advice, food, and art.

Just like we dance through life, a room needs the presence of a certain rythym.

BIO: Romy Werner

1976 born in Germany, raised in Australia



Travelled to over 50 countries

aspiring writer, retreat leader, lomi-lomi masseuse

 A canvas  wants to be born. Born into the hands of the artist.  And then onto the walls of our horizonsThoughts, hands, heart, all follow the same sign of direction.

It is a miracle that something is born out of nothing. Thousands of colour options at hand.

And then the moment the hand leads the brush to birthing something limitless, timeless on a canvas, makes you feel connected to a world without limits

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