Unplug with Romy

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Find inner peace



WHERE: couch, chair, anywhere at home

In the comfort of your home, you experience freedom in a new way. All you need is time and the urge to experience peace  to transform in your terms, but normally no longer than 3 hours. With this type of retreat, you can stay in the comfort of your homw and let me guide you into a new self talk with yourself.


We are all busy but not fullfilled






You will get inspired and confident in being authentically yourself while all the answers you were waiting for lay directly infront of you. 

Romy’s experience gets to the source of the problem quite quickly, while you find through her guidance your own answers. While getting clear of what to decide next in life.

It is all about getting still and not just meditating on a cushion, but also in challenging situations. So your whole life becomes a meditation.

The point of meditation is not to be still on a cushion and then struggle in daily challenges. 

To not have an overflowing heart with all the intelligence we are given, is for me a life well waisted. To not know what you really want and not stop the suffering that comes along with life, is unhealthy.