The power of being happy,refreshed and free....

I guide you in liberating the best version of yourself through strategic life coaching combined with exquisite travel retreat                                   experiences

breathe deep unpolluted air...

    Teceira Island


women excl.

              All inklusive Package, Euro 1.500,-

WOMAN DANCE RETREAT: Teceira Island, Portugal

                                    Transformational Happy Retreat

                                                            4 Women, 4 nights


Monday:      22.06.2020, 9am on arrival day

Friday:          26.06.2020, 8pm on departure day                 

                 Teceira Island,  Portugal

 - have you ever seen every blue and greencolour?

               - the most cleanest air

 - possibility to experience real italian lifestyle

                     -the best accomodations on this island

You will be able to experience an intimate girls retreat, with amazing landscapes. Most people still know little about this hideaway. I was mezmerized the first time I set foot on the island. No pollution and a different life quality.

I can hardly imagine a place better suited for nature lovers. This is a mystical world of sea life, dolphins, grottoes,, ringed with forests and green pastures. It has the best accomodations I had come across whilst travelling.  Combined with subtropical climate and surrounded with Gulf Stream warmed waters. Whale watching, and just being. No agendas, relaxed life rythymMy biggest fascination is the mild air, which seems purer than elsew




                                        THE PATH TO INNER BALANCE AND MORE ENERGY 

                                                    -balance between guided travel and self care

                                         -learn to minimize negativity and maximize your energy

                                                -learn lasting tools for inner peace in daily life

                                                -free your mind and body from any problem

                                                   -supportive and encouraging environment

                            -having a wonderful time learning a happy lifestyle which you transport                                                                                            back into your own relationships

                                                             -loving yourself in a kinder way


      You will go home feeling liberated, rejuvenated and inspired!

LOCATION: Casa do Moledao

a tree house feeling overlooking the sea



                                                                     - all meals (only vegetarian meals)

                                                          - daily life coaching, transforming stress into joy

                                                                   - every problem will be solved

                                                             - 4 nights at an inspiring accommodation

                                                                                  - all amneties

                                                                   - being guided to special places

                                                                             - guided meditiations

                                                                             - journals to write in

                                                                          - new insights on nutrition

                                                          - night swim or walks, depending on location

                                                     - pick up at the airport and transfer to tnd from the retreat



                                                                      4 nights/ 5 days accomodation

                                              all inklusive luxury package, single accomodation: Euro 1.500

                                                               payment due 1 week after completion



                                  Read full cancellation policy in our TERMS AND CONDITON




What to bring with you:


       -layers of clothing, weather changes but stays mild

-a light robe if at hand

     -sneakers, casual

 -comfortable earplugs for music

About me

After years of experience in the spa and hospitality

business showed me to optimize wellness experiences. From passive wellness to mind wellness,  combined with spiritual travel experiences. 

I have travelled to every location to retreat just for myself to heal from negative experiences in my life, and now I have created retreats to show groups of women how to let go and heal at the same time. 

Wellness is about feeling whole inside and out. Embark on the journey with me...


DAY 1:

individual pick up at the airport

Meeting point for lunch, or as  individualy agreed

Examining our relationship with life and happines

Identifying your concepts about life

What if life were easy?

Habits turning into joy



transforming workshop

Ecstatic dance 

guided meditation 

DAY 2:

morning for free time

Meeting point for lunch, or as  individualy agreed

Connecting with your heart, know thyself

What if life were easy?

Knowing how to love everything


transforming workshop

Ecstatic dance 

night hike meditation 

DAY 3:


DAY 4:


transforming workshop

Free evening, only if wished: ecstatic dance

DAY 5:

forgiving ritual

Dream big ritual

open questions

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Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 21.03

    True transformation takes place within

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