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I sat one day in North Cyprus, not the most typical place and saw men coming together to get their hair cut. I understood nothing, but just me being in their circle made me realize something: how cool would it be to build a circle for women. Just like they had on a daily basis. They had wellness, combined with nice conversations. I couldn't understand what they were saying, but I thought, what I had always said. Where do us women go to feel good? Of course, we go for wellness, a massage, or a coffee with a girlfriend. But my aim with this is that we get together have fun, PLUS SOLVE THE UNDERLYING ANGER IN OUR HEARTS, SO THE NEXT GENERATION KNOWS WHERE TO GO TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE.


So now in these events, my aim is to get women together to discover their own beat and solve their problems to go back home and contagiously drag this into their family.


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 How it works:

      -transformation and dance

-all you have to do is register with an email

-you will get a confirmation Email within 24 hours

-you pay after the seminar

-no hour long monologues, down to the cut answers



@16strongwomen.com--with love from Portugal