Updated: Dec 27, 2020

What is the world for you?

Nothing had me more confused than all the rules nature undergo. I spent a few months on island in Portugal and still couldn’t figure out a ceratin timing for the tides. No app I understood, so all I was left with was either seeing the water or trusting my gut feeling with it. And thats how life is digested, through your opinion about it.

Up until the day I set out to live wherever I wanted, I never had really thought about the world in general, I had just an overall map of what my surroundings looked like with a little bit of knowledge where other countries were situated. But the world is just too far and big to access, even if you travel to every place imaginable, you can not understand, and dont have to understand certain mechanisms.

The world is a friendly place

It’s more about what the world feels to you. I always took this world for granted. I could name certain things around me like sky, stars, river, ocean, but to really arrive on Earth, it is not taking anyting for granted that you see infront of you. Nothing. Eventhough you know it’s a seagull and you know their behaviour, doesn’t mean you connect with mother Earth. It means your labelling it. Instead of connecting to it.

This world at first had not much meaning to me, it was like a set up display that was running in the background. Every day the same, with some weather changes to it. It got exciting, if I flew to a new place, then it felt like a place I had to discover and readjust, but once living in the new place, things were again like a set up landscape, something I already knew.

It was as if, when I could name things, things became things, and not connections.

I have travelled thousands of miles to really arrive on Earth. The moment you don’t enter a country for the sightseeing, but for the smell, the pace of the lifestyle, the weather, the energy, the location and Feng shui of the living style.

The moment you arrive on Earth

When your feet suddenly want to stop for a longer time at one place and grow roots, is the moment you don't take things for granted. Roots to really understand what is nuturing you all the time. It doesn't mean you loose your wings. You can switch anytime. When all senses get involved and you consciously make up your mind about the world. Your opinion about it, is what can make you happy. So what is your opinion?

I have travelled day and night, in and out, sometimes to the same places and I have noticed that the world is friendly place. If I bless the steps I take, the place blesses me. Its as if you have a love affair with a place that is just there all year round, if you are there or not.

Like peacocks take their little ones under their wings to give them shade from too much sun, places take you under their wings and give you a feeling of being home. And one day if you give yourself the permission to travel for as long as you want, you will see that all is good in the end and eventhough stupid things exist, to 90 percent there is nothing to worry about, because there is a much bigger intelligence at hand and all you are allowed to do is, to see pieces of it. Enjoy them.

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