Just as I had to declutter my belongings, eat healthier and make healthier choices ,the day came where I had to become aware of what I was thinking of all day. How quickly was I judging everything that was presented infront of me. And how much energy was I waisting in being in the business of others. 

I tested how it would be that life presented situations infront of me, and I didn't react to them. I gave myself the permission to objectively think about them and SEE THE ADVANTAGE OF THE SITUATION. As I like to optimize my diet plan or minimize what I possess I tried to see the beauty in every moment. Something I had negelected all my life. The gratefulness of just being me on this huge planet, experiencing so many moments with myself and others openned up my horizon of thinking with purpose. Just like not eating everything that was presented infront of me, I decided not to not let bad behaviour in, or bad thoughts. 

The future always evokes fear and the past can produce regrets. So I made a pact with myself just like becoming a vegetarian, that the past always has been good to me and not against me, the present moment was something that was always ok and the future would be even nicer than the present moment. 

Taking these deliberate steps have made me have much more energy than I have ever had. It is like going on a hike, the hike of life and envisioning the best possible instead of being on standby. Why leave something so important as thinking, to chance. 

I have a choice every day to brighten up my world and live it as healthy as possible. So 90 percent of the day I ask myself what is the best image I can think of and try to envision myself into this vision. And then the rest just falls into place.

There is a very unhealthy voice in all of us that tries to convince you that you can not live in the best state possible. I battled it for a long time and can now confirm that we have the power to make it a little actor in the background of all the other lovely thoughts. In fact I do not hear it anymore.

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