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INever take anything personal

What if you come to Earth and dont take anything personal. What if anything that has ever happened to you has nothing to do you with you in general. A funny concept, but a liberating one. Maybe it would have happened to the next person, or another one who was around instead of you. What if you think about that the person you are angry about had a horrible day, or horrible thoughts, and couldn’t get out of that loop.

Not taking anything personal stops assumptions about others. Any stress starts with assumptions, and not with the best ones...

So what if you wouldnt take anything personal. We are full of assumption, of why people do things. Even if we would ask the person, the answer would never fully satisfy you in your core.

Iyanla Vanzant gave me the biggest freedom ever, “If they could have done better, they would have done better”. So what ever your seeing in the world is the highest expression of love, that is possible for every being out there. Even in the worst scenes of your life. And that is what is scary in this world, you will never know if someone will not be able to think in the highest form of himself, the universe and what is holy to us all.

So the most liberating thing in the world is that the world around you how everyone acts and assumes has nothing to do with you. It is only your responsibility to stay in kindness with yourself and others.

It is even seflish to think that everything is about you and your universe of commentating the world. It was an enlightenment, to know we are all the main role in our lives, and as soon as we meet we are secondary roles in the others lives. Someone who hurts you really couldnt find any other expression in his life, at that moment. Because if he would have known better, he would have done better. And some people dont have any consequence thinking at all. Nothing else went through their mind as a possiblity to communicate with you, than to hurt you.

The liberating fact is, that all out there is none of your business, the only business that you are responsible for is your own journey. With all the respect of all the statists in your movie.

And whoever you on free will bring on to your own stage.

Nothing is personal. In these moments the ego dissolves.

We much to often take over the responsiblity of other people, which isnt even our responsibility.

All you are responsible in this world for, is your opinion that you have of every second of what your seeing.

If you try with all your might to stop trying to change other people or situations that have long for seen happened, you will heal. You can;t change the past and how you interpret anything.

Dont take anything personal anymore. It heals.


Anything that has happened in the past has to be healed. Full stop. It's not sweeping things under the carpet, but on the other hand it is


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