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Responsibility of your own garden.

If you are going through nature, then you can just be. You know your not in control of the garden your seeing. It is non of your buisiness to know the effort that has been put into it from the universe or form other human beings. It is a created work of art to be admired.

Why don’t we live life in general like that. Adore what has been given?

Why don’t we bless what we see at all times, and only choose Sunday moments to do so. Why do we only choose a meditation cushion to meditate? Why do we choose so badly in general with all the opportunities at hand.

So if we are not responsible for the garden we are seeing, what are we responsible for in that moment, or in life in general? To keep our own garden clean, and representable. This garden lives in you. I call it the heart space. A space where my soul lives. I don’t know where yours lives, but my soul lives in the heart. Whoever is in there watching this life journey since the beginning with me.

The outer garden your seeing here with me is a lot of work for whomever, every day, but nuturing your own garden is more important than this one, because you are directly living in your own home made garden, all the time. Someone in yourself has to build up your paradise. It won’t be me, your partner or your parents, or kids. It will be your own work. A work that will be rewarded with grounding roots, flying wings, seasonal adjustments, playgrounds, streams of fresh water healing your body and mind.

Coming up with a concept of whatever means paradise for yourself. Taking the responsibility of trying to be at peace in your own life is the biggest gift you can give the world. It is building up this garden and protecting it with all your power, because you have put so much effort into it. You want things inside of yourself to grow and blossom, and you will build up boundaries and throw out weed, and watch who enters it.

Once you know how to envision your favoutite place on Earth, and actually live in that feeling this place would feel like to live in, you have tapped into Paradise.

No matter what I see in the outer world, I always see flowers blossoming, birds chirping and endless pure streams, and waterfalls, that are warm and have hidden caves to sit in, rest, the best books possible, the best conversations. I always have the time to breathe deep, and get a huge hug or kiss, smell orange oils all day, feel the warm breeze, while wearing the nicest clothes. I see a warm pool with warm nights…..

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