Updated: Nov 17, 2020

When a women leaves, its already done psychologically weeks before

The fuzzy emotions that come with a break up are overwhelming. Change is always scary and not being able to love someone you would like to, hurts, because all this surpressed emotions have to be dealt with

Then like a vulcano all the lava pours out of self blame errupt and invent a story that isn't true.

Someone once told me that, nothing is ever as bad as it seems. Eventhough it is always portrayed from your own thoughts in the worst way, it somehow isn't. Some people are just not compatible. And to face this truth can be freeing, through all the tears one cries. A huge illuision is destroyed once people leave eachother. They tried to make it happen and got stuck in not showing their real feelings anymore.

We think we will never find someone just like that. And feel embarassed that one let someone so close to the own heart space.

Life has its ways that are not understandable, why should it be understandable in a love connection? Somehow things happen and unhappen. Just like in the story of Paradise, just because two people for a while try to give eachother everything doesn't mean they will do that forever. They will hold a present in their hands, this Garden of Eden and sometimes they just won't have the strength to take care of it the way they should and then rather go seperate ways, eventhough God intended them to go together... „ Mein Profil” > Entwürfe.

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