Eine Frau, die aus einem Schwimmbad scha

 Happiness is....

the alchemy of a stressfree life 

Retreats are a minibreak that last a lifetime


"A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes without pretence and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself."
- Maya Angelou

Working for the spa industry I saw that people do not solve their stress situations with a massage or a bath. It was my conversation with them, that unlocked a free lifestyle. Honest conversations. The right questions and aha moments happened. 

When I was invited from a friend of Mauritius to join him in Florence in an ashram, where I stayed for one month, it was the first time I had not planned anything of my journey. I planned to stay in the guest house of the ashram. I arrived and saw my luggage going from the guest house to the volonteer house. And one day the monks wanted me even to sleep in the monk grounds. So I listened to my intuition and saw my luggage moving in the ashram without my input. I was so at peace throughout the time. Until I saw a woman who moved in who was giving retreats for marshall arts once a year. And that was when it clicked, bringing massage, art, nature, experience, workshops, swimming, food into one place.
Giving others the opportunity to retreat into themselves to transform.

4 reasons women retreat

everyone wants the same:
constant inner joy

Creating a space for you to change your old habits, through personal workshops, while discovering the world is a recipe of a pilgrimage. What is the use of normal holidays?
There is no greater gift than already having inner peace before you leave this planet.
Everything falls into place when you know how to be happy with any stress situation that comes towards you.



inviting freedom within,
for a peaceful heart rate

The law of attraction works.The more you become corageous the more you become happy.
We all grow up with patterns, with people who are confused themselves.
As an adult it is your life goal to become the best version of yourself, no matter the outer circumstances. Otherwise we stay a child emotionally


supporting yourself,
no nonsense needed

Men on Beach

You can can have 100 people around you and still experience the world as good or bad. It is your journey and how you interpret it. So become the best commentator on Earth. Everyone is on their own journey. The energy of like minded people in a group changes your perspective instantly. Eventhough we all go our way after the retreat. The retreat itself will leave footprints to beocme more serious about your own happiness.



see the blessings of any situation,
start healing

Only your own thoughts can truely upset you. Once you question them in this group environment, you will find deligtht in any situation.

To transform is to transit of the form you are living right now, that doesn't suite you. The only one that can save you, is yourself. No one will come around and knock on your door to make you feel better. All your job.

If you know that every experience no matter how bad it seems, holds within it a blessing




Preperation at home:


Fill out this worksheet

bring your favourite picture

download an instant heart rate app

a pilgrimage to build your selfworth and reclaim your life

-deep talks and the feeling of being heard in a devine community

-become stronger mentally

-refresh body and mind

-start to accept yourself 100 percent

-infusing your mind with positivity, peace, strength and confidence

-know how to live your life to its full potential

-feel brandnew

-know how to follow your dreams

-breaking free from toxic relationship



all program points can be flexibly suited




I'm happy to introduce my new retreat system for women that is created to motivate you to seek your own inner happiness. No boring seminars with boring monologues, instead real girls camp accommodations, that are fun and luxurious. Where we jump from our pyjamas to the hairdresser, then to lunch, maybe buying a dress on the way, then go back to our own personal retreat workshop.

Where you transform and understand to create an inner world that is exactly as happy as you want to get. When you fine tune yourself to such a point where everything functions beautifully.  You then dance, meditate and create. And while you are getting to know your own self, you discover beaches, and forests. And maybe you see a falling star on a night hike.


DAY 1:


.........imagine joining a transformational week to find simple peace, ladies style

 we stay together 24/7, just like you can be free in wandering this 

Earth, you can be free of suffering....

we inhale inner peace and exhale suffering from the first moment landing..

 we start our experience by letting the wind blow through our hair, 

All is organized, you get picked up at the aiport, you go for lunch,

discover what happiness while discovering this beautiful world

We drive to the private villa or bungalow which awaits us like a cocoon of inspiration,

to take you on a journey that will maybe be the most important journey of our lives, to ourselves

the journey within...

 Any stress we have ever had gets taken care away in transforming workshops and meditations

while we still take time to experience every region in a special way...

The trick to transform any stress into joy will astound you and will want you to dance your socks off

No boring monologues

You finally become still enough so that the answers can arise within you...


The chances are you’ll fall in love

with Portugal’s Algarve region, or Bali, the AzoresSwitzerland or Marrakech

While embarking on this beautiful 5 day sarcred devine journey or the weekend to find happiness,

you will fall in love with life, because you will then know how to live a stressfree lifestyle

Your body will have radiant energy and feel more alive

 finally taking care of your stress and blossoming into the best version of yourself.


Being guided back to a long forgotten freedom of life, just then, a rainbow will show up overhead or a shooting star, a singing dove, a magical sign that gives you the sign that you have arrived



DAY 2:

9am breakfast, can be changed  the way the group wants


Italian Lunch in the accommodation

Who are you behind all the noise of the world?

Manifest your dream life

Role models

recognize your unlimited choices

transforming workshop

Ecstatic dance session


night hike meditation 

DAY 3:


Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are served

total inner peace and focus,

learning to be still to listen to the news of the universe

evening, open questions

DAY 4:

9am breakfast

Yoga session

transforming workshop

Depending on location:sunset sailing, dolphin tours, yacht sailing


Free evening, only if wished: ecstatic dance session

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DAY 5:

forgiving ritual

Yoga session

Dream big ritual

open questions

DAY 1:

DAY 2:

pick up at the airport


find out what happiness is..

WHY do you want to be happy?

Who are you?

Role models

Transforming workshop

Daily choices

Ecstatic dance workshop

Dream big ritual

Yoga Nidra Meditation

transforming workshop

events depending on location

open questions

forgiving rituals

individual pick up at the airport

Meeting point for lunch in a beautiful location, or as  individualy agreed

What is happiness?

connect to your feeling

change behaviours

Identifying your concepts about life

break out of limitations


OCEAN SWIM OR HIKE, depending on location

turning stress into joy workshop

Ecstatic dance session

guided meditation with Yoga Nidra 


individual pick up at the airport

Meeting point for lunch, or as  individualy agreed

What is happiness and why do you want to be happy?

Identifying your concepts about life

OCEAN SWIM OR HIKE, depending on location

turning stress into joy workshop

Ecstatic dance session

guided meditation with Yoga Nidra 

what is included

  • Daily meditation classes

  • 3 daily delicious and nutritious meals

  • Transportation during the retreat

  • Luggage storage

  • Accommodation

  • Specialized workshops

  • Free excursions to sites of interest

  • Dance sessions daily

  • Airport pick-up and drop-off

  • Water, tea, coffee served throughout the day

Three Women

What I Do





give you strength

give you freedom

make you dance


cancellation policy


Please note the following cancellation policy for 16strongwomen retreats:

  • Hold deposit is non-refundable. Deposit is Euro 400

  • Hold deposit is transferable to another attendeeThe remaining balance is due upon one week after departure

  • money back guarantee after attendee 50 percent of retreat amount

  • we reserve the right to cancel retreats with inadequate participant interest

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