Eine Frau, die aus einem Schwimmbad scha

the alchemy of a stressfree life 

 Happiness is....

Retreats are a minibreak that last a lifetime

"A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes without pretence and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself."
- Maya Angelou

Working for the spa industry I saw that people do not solve their stress situations with a massage or a bath. It was my conversation with them, that unlocked a free lifestyle. Honest conversations. The right questions and then aha moments happened. 

My retreat experience was an interesting one. When I was invited from a friend of Mauritius to join him in Florence in an ashram, where I stayed for one month, it was the first time I had not planned anything of my journey. I planned to stay in the guest house of the ashram. Which would have exploded my budget of travelling and without knowing it turned out to be a stay that cost nothing. I arrived and saw my luggage going from the guest house to the volonteer house without any discussion. Which meant I would pay nothing and serve. And one day the monks wanted me even to sleep in the monk grounds, where there was no normal privacy. So I listened to my intuition and saw my luggage moving around  in the ashram without my input. I was so at peace throughout the time just watching things unfold without my constant input of how things should be and how I planned them. I ended up serving the monks and sleeping in non-private rooms. At first I wanted to change the situation. My ego was like , I dont want this and some voice said, go with the flow and dive into a new experience. It made me practice serving others and being at peace eventhough 4 women were in my room. One day  I saw a woman who moved in who was giving retreats for marshall arts once a year. And that was when it clicked, bringing massage, art, nature, experience, destress workshops, swimming, food into one place as a retreat.
Now it is time to give others the opportunity to retreat into themselves to transform. it is not something that happens in a normal holiday, that is what I had learned. Everything there freed me in a way I will always be thankful for




Preperation at home:


Fill out this worksheet

bring your favourite picture

download an instant heart rate app

4 reasons to retreat

everyone wants the same:
constant inner joy

Creating a space for you to change your old habits, through personal workshops, while discovering the world is a recipe of a pilgrimage. What is the use of normal holidays?
There is no greater gift than already having inner peace before you leave this planet.
Everything falls into place when you know how to be happy with any stress situation that comes towards you.



inviting freedom within,
for a peaceful heart rate

The law of attraction works.The more you become corageous the more you become happy.
We all grow up with patterns, with people who are confused themselves.
As an adult it is your life goal to become the best version of yourself, no matter the outer circumstances. Otherwise we stay a child emotionally


supporting yourself,
no nonsense needed

Men on Beach

You can can have 100 people around you and still experience the world as good or bad. It is your journey and how you interpret it. So become the best commentator on Earth. Everyone is on their own journey. The energy of like minded people in a group changes your perspective instantly. Eventhough we all go our way after the retreat. The retreat itself will leave footprints to beocme more serious about your own happiness.



see the blessings of any situation,
start healing

Only your own thoughts can truely upset you. Once you question them in this group environment, you will find deligtht in any situation.

To transform is to transit of the form you are living right now, that doesn't suite you. The only one that can save you, is yourself. No one will come around and knock on your door to make you feel better. All your job.

If you know that every experience no matter how bad it seems, holds within it a blessing


package can be payed monthly
starts Friday evening


......... joining a transformational private retreat week to find simple peace quickly

 we stay together 24/7, just like in a boot camp of peace. You will have a lot of questions, and I will guide you into 

a new stressfree lifestyle....

we inhale inner peace and exhale suffering from the first day on..

 we start our experience by letting the wind blow through our hair, 

All is organized, you get picked up at the airport, you go for dinner in the best restaurants,

discover what happiness is and eliminate blockages, while discovering this beautiful world

We drive to the private villa or bungalow which awaits us like a cocoon of inspiration,

to take you on a journey that will maybe be the most important journey of your life,

the journey within...

 Any stress we have ever had gets taken care away in transforming workshops of Katie Byron, who dissolved all my stress, yes all of it. Once you get the trick, we dance, sing, hike, paint and go into meditations,

while we still take time to experience every region in a special way...

The trick to transform any stress into joy will astound you and will want you to dance your socks off

No boring monologues

You finally become still enough so that the answers can arise within you...


The chances are you’ll fall in love

with Portugal’s Algarve region, or Bali, the AzoresSwitzerland or Marrakech

While embarking on this beautiful 10, 5, or 2 day sarcred devine journey or the weekend to find happiness,

you will fall in love with life, because you will then know how to see things from a different perspective.

Your body will have radiant energy and feel more alive,

 finally you take care of your stress and blossom into the best version of yourself.


Being guided back to a long forgotten freedom of life, just then, a rainbow will show up overhead or a shooting star, a singing dove, a magical sign that gives you the sign that you have arrived



10 day silent dark retreat


2000 Euro/per person

pickup at the airport/ meet for dinner to get to know eachother and the concept of happiness

transport to your accommodation, villa or bungalow or suite, to adjust to the room 
Learn your why you want to be happy
1. transformational workshop
guided meditation with ritual

DAY 2-8 
you will be completely in the dark and transform in your cocoon
Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served, after preferences

DAY 8:
it takes a moment to arrive back to the light, either already at your own pace in the morning, or in the evening with me in a ritual
Dinner in a restaurant

ecstatic dance session
guided meditaton

DAY 9:
Breakfast, lunch and dinner in the villa
Rest problem solving